Do you have these? We are extremely good at taking care of these with our highly experienced and competent factory-trained technicians. Perhaps you would like to take care of it yourself or have someone else do it? We can also help in providing genuine replacements at prices no one can beat.


We are the best at tank monitoring with over 100 years of experience doing it.Learn More

Perhaps you have one or more of these? We are equally good at taking care of them monitoring for leaks, water, and other parameters important to you. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to assist. Don’t know what your needs are? We will be more than happy to point you in the correct direction.

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And if this is what you need help with. Yes, we also have the expertise to assist start on track, stay on track, or get back on track with your fuel usage . Give us a call.

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Yes, it should be obvious by now that we are the gold medalist in fuel equipment sales, installation, and maintenance. Don’t trust your valuable equipment with fly-by-night technicians, call us for both service and parts. We service all the equipment we sell, and more.Learn More

Don’t Take Our Word for it, Ask and you Will Hear That we Are the Best.

We did not invent the wheel but we did similar for the industry in south Florida. In the year 2000 the first owner of Advanced Petroleum Systems had the vision that the market require specialized fuel equipment service so he started the company with a number of similar minded employees (some are still with the company) adding value to it and the service we impart. Call or stop-by and talk to our spare parts guru Jose. Don’t need parts? Call or stop-by and talk to our service expert Elise. Maybe you need an electronics guru? Jeff is the one. He has gone around solving electronic problems where others have failed. Or maybe it is a mechanical problem causing head scratches? Then Efraim is the master to solve those.

Part of our teams success in providing excellent quality service is our commitment to learning. Take Jeff, for example, he has set up complete dispensing system in-house so he can learn through simulation!

This is one of the things why we are good, we perform in-house training for ourselves via simulations on expensive equipment such as this Verifone panel.

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