Ask us first, we sell fuel tank monitoring systems, fuel dispensers, POS, specialized parts, and miscellaneous parts such as hoses and filters for many of the industry leading equipment.


Call us for repairs, scheduled monthly maintenance, or emergency work. We have a specialist for all the major pieces of equipment such as Veeder-Root, Gilbarco, Dresser Wayne, Verifone, Fuel Master, Centeron, etc. Did you know that as of Oct 13, 2018 you need trained and certified Class A, B, and C Operators if you have UST on site? And that 30-day walkthrough inspection is now required in order to be in compliance with the law? Call us, some of those functions can be delegated to us and we are trained.


Call us for monthly monitoring of your fuel tank, we are trained and certified on all fuel tank monitoring systems and it is now mandatory to perform monthly checks. If you don’t have trained and certified personnel on site then delegate to us to be in compliance.

Fuel Tank Monitoring is Serious Business Whether They are AST or UST.

We can make your life easier by taking over the responsibility to monitor your tanks, call us today. Don’t be caught afoul of the law, compliance is mandatory.

Our Trucks Are Ready to Roll.

Tell us where you would like us to report to next, we are ready to roll to your location fully outfitted with qualified technicians and well stocked trucks.

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Call us at 305-430-850 or email and we will be right there.

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